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June 16, 2021 1 min read

Jana Kramer, creator of One Brick Wines, sits down with her Winemaker Mica Raas and talks about the new Everyday Cabernet.  Our newest wine in the One Brick portfolio.  Purchase Today!

This wine brings abundant dark fruit notes of blueberry and blackberry with hints of earth, mocha and cedar. We think you’ll love how fruit-forward and smooth it is, with its plush fruit and silky tannins. It is medium to full bodied, so you can easily enjoy it every day on its own or with food.  

As these grapes ripened we practiced careful leaf pulling in the vineyard to ensure even ripeness, as uneven ripeness can lead to bell peppery flavors that we did not want in this style. We harvested the grapes at maximum ripeness at 26˚ Brix, the measurement of sugar in the grapes that will be converted into alcohol during fermentation, for a full-bodied profile.

Aged semi-hard cheeses like cheddar, gouda, or a gorgonzola will pair well. Steak, burgers, or ribs will never disappoint as pairings. Coq au vin made with Everyday Cabernet is a winner. For vegetarian pairings keep it rich and earthy with mushrooms, creamy polenta with roasted vegetables, or a sophisticated mac and cheese.  

Jana pouring wine