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December 16, 2020 1 min read

There are only two must-have components; toasted bread and sliced or mashed avocados.  The fun part is creating different variations using seasonings and toppings.  But first, pour yourself a glass of our Chardonnay.  The crisp, slightly acidic notes in One Brick Chardonnayhelp reduce the fat in the avocado and bring out the saltiness in the bread.  Enjoy!

Ten Avocado Toast Toppings To Try

1. Feta Cheese 

2. Heirloom Tomato

3. Cucumber

4. Fried or Hard Boiled Egg - (Over easy are Jana's favorite)

5. Crisped Prosciutto

6. Sauteed Mushrooms

7. Corn

8. Eggplant

9. Grilled, Pickled, Green, or Red Onions (Can you tell we love onions)

10. Salmon


Ten Of Our Favorite Items To Add Flavor

Jana Kramer One Brick Wine pairing with Avocado Toast

1. Kosher Salt

2. Ground Pepper

3. Lemon Slices or Juice

4. Spicy Cilantro

5. Pesto

6. Garlic Salt

7. Red Pepper Flakes

8. Sesame Seeds

9. Hot Sauce

10. Balsamic Vinegar


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